Story of Brahmarakshas started with Aparajita, a bride murdering her husband on Poornima for his wealth in kamalpura and throwing sindoor and chuda and mang tika at him. She pushed him from the rooftop until he fell down and got killed by a monster.

20 years later, the story moved forward to Srivastava family in Mumbai. Rishabh was flirting with his sisters' friends. Raina helped Rakhi, Rishabh's twin sister, dressing up for the engagement party. The big family was preparing a wedding for Rakhi with Ajay, Raina's Rakhi brother. Ajay's father told them an old tale that if a man is killed on Poornima by a animal he becomes Bramharakshas. Later, Ajay's parents decided the wedding venue to be Kamalpura as they has heard of the beautiful view in the village.

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