5 Things You Will Instantly Relate To If You Own A Labrador Dog Like Ankita Lokhande

We imagine Pavitra Rishta's Ankita Lokhande gets treated to double the fun since she is a mother to two pet labrador dogs - Hatchi and Scotchi.

ankita lokhande with her labrador hatchi

Imagine walking into your home, tired and exhausted, with a four-legged friend wagging his tail to welcome you. That adorable baby’s excitement while it runs towards the door with cutesy ears flapping up and down, in the same order, is sheer joy! Happy barks and squashy snuggles calling already. We imagine Pavitra Rishta’s Ankita Lokhande gets treated to double the fun since she is a mother to two pet labrador dogs – Hatchi and Scotchi.

Taking after their gorgeous mamma, the goofballs are extremely adorable and will have you under their spell with just a look. I am NOT even exaggerating. Try this, would you be able to say no to those eyes?

No offence meant to whosoever, but there is no bond so pure and eternal like the one shared between you and your paw-some buddy. Doggos are forever! If you too own a labrador (more the merrier), here are 5 things you’d instantly nod your head in agreement to…Because hey, Labs are the best, jaan lo…baat yeh, maan lo!

1. You know exactly what follows after your I-played-in-mud-Mamma baby comes running to jump for mushy hugs.

2. And labs are greedy. So it’s never enough! Their small days get over faster than the season cycle…One instance you remember holding your boy and the next it feels like he is too big for your lap.

3. Look at that kid, all grown up and blissfully unaware of it *wipes a tear* The word ‘Puppy Eyes’ always hit you in the right feels…

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My strength …❤️ my baby

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4. Honestly, I would do anything for my boi. Sometimes you wonder if you live in a hair salon?

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Missing u my lub ❤️

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5. It’s a hair fest, especially when they shed their coat. It’s a ride or die kinda love

You know you are blessed with the finest beings on the planet. Love them back, hug them harder….ah! They won’t mind I’m sure.

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