Bahu In Focus: 8 Villains That Guddan Faced And Defeated Like A True Champion

While Antara has been the main vamp,there were a lot of equally dangerous villains who wanted to hurt Guddan & her family on Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega

1. Guddan Faces Danger From Rocky

Most TV shows has one main villain or vamp who constantly tries to ruin the lives of the leading pair. Like Karan and Preeta have Prithvi and Sherlyn on Kundali Bhagya or  Aliya who tries to separate Abhi and Pragya on Kumkum Bhagya. However, Guddan’s marriage with AJ has been targeted by many villains. Here’s a quick lowdown of people who tried to hurt Guddan or her family, and how she defeated them.

Guddan goes with her family to Goa where she meets Rocky, Saraswati’s sister. She finds out he is a creep and molestor and stops him from touching her daughters-in-law. In the end she shows his truth to AJ who beats him up. When Rocky tries to get revenge on AJ by getting him killed, Guddan once again foils his plans and saves AJ.

2. Guddan Proves Shanti Bua Wrong

Guddan is the modern saas who believes she should be friends with her bahus. Shanti Bua is a traditional saas who believes in being strict with controlling her bahus with an iron fist. In a series on ridiculous challenges like making aamras and dance-offs, Guddan proves to Shanti that it is better to be loving and understanding to people.

3. Guddan Gets Parv Arrested

Parv is a cop who went to jail because of Guddan. While he continues to be a thorn in Guddan’s life now, there was a time when he was the biggest threat to her life. Parv once kidnapped Guddan’s entire family and gave her 3 minutes to rescue everyone or let them die. Later, he tried to force Guddan to kill AJ. Guddan beat up Parv with a whip mercilessly before getting him arrested by the police.

4. Guddan Wins Durga's Trust

Durga was a part of the dangerous duo with Saraswati bahu. She was a part of the Jindal family who didn’t want AJ and Guddan to be together. Durga even used Angad, AJ’s brother as part of her plan. Durga was the first person to support Antara in the Jindal Bhavan. However, Guddan manages to win over Durga and now she is Guddan’s trusted sidekick.

5. Guddan Teaches Saraswati A Lesson

Saraswati is part of the duo with Durga, who still stands against Guddan. She is the one who brings Antara’s daughter, Alisha to get revenge on Guddan. She also supports Antara first after she returns. Saraswati is also the one who keeps helping Guddan’s step-sister Revathi go against her.

6. Guddan Changes A Mentally Unstable Angad

Angad is AJ’s mentally unstable brother. Guddan believes he should live in the house and she treats him well. Angad develops feelings for Guddan and he tries to kill his own brother to get her. Durga and Rocky help Angad separate AJ and Guddan. In the end, Guddan not only stops Angad but supports him when he falls in love with her sister Revathi. In fact, it is Angad’s death that turns Revathi against Guddan.

7. Antara Helps Guddan Against Vikrant

AJ’s old ‘friend’ Vikrant returns in his life for revenge. Vikrant manipulates AJ’s teenage daughter, Alisha into marrying him. When Guddan figures out his plan she gets him arrested. Vikrant returns and threatens to kill Guddan and AJ. For the first time when it looks like Guddan will not survive, her old foe, Antara shows up and shoots Vikrant in the head.

8. Guddan Tries and Fails To End Antara

The biggest villain in Guddan’s life is AJ’s ex-wife Antara. She has been arrested twice and burned alive once but she somehow manages to comeback and deliver lethal damage on Guddan’s life. The first time, she went against Guddan, Angad was killed. After she has come back, Antara has already killed Alisha and tricked Guddan into getting an abortion.

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