Dilli Darlings 10 September 2019 Written Update: Bhavna Regrets Helping Deepshikha?

In tonight's episode, Bhavna decides to give Deepshikha a makeover but regrets it when she sees her current wardrobe.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Deepshikha and Bhavna

In the previous episode of Dilli Darlings, Pooja guesses that Pragati asked the question about the pets. She tries to back out but Pragati and Manya question her. Bhavan feels like this was a plan to harass Pooja and is upset with the Dilli Darlings. Pooja also gets upset that her joke is taken so badly and cries. Manya backs out and says this was Pragati’s question. Pragati gets angry at Manya for blaming her. They meet after the kitty party to sort out their problem. Pragati and Manya both decide to talk to Pooja together.

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In tonight’s episode, Manya shows up early to Pooja’s house to talk to her alone before Pragati shows up. Manya brings a cuddly toy for Pooja and tells her that this was all Manya’s plan. Pooja is confuses because Pragati said that this was all Manya’s plan. Pooja ends up crying again and Many hugs her.

Pooja feels bad that her friends for 9 years, Pragati and Rashmi for not understanding her. Manya also feels like she doesn’t want to be friends with Pragati anymore. Bhavna meets her new friend from the kitty party, Deepshikha. She tells Deepshikha that she wants to do a body analysis photoshoot for her to find out how to give her a makeover.

Rashmi and Reena go to meet Thalassemia patients. Reena wants to help Rashmi who is already doing charity events for these kids. Reena says she will call the Dilli Darlings together to create an flea market to get charity for the Thalassemia kids. Rashmi announces that the next kitty will be around the theme of a shayari mehfil.

Still from Dilli Darlings with Rashmi and Reena
Reena and Rashmi visit kids with Thalassemia and plan a charity event for them.

Bhavana goes to Deepshikha’s house to see Deepshikha’s current clothes. Deepshikha removes a whole lot of clothes covering the whole bed. Bhavan is shocked seeing Deepshikha’s clothes and regrets deciding to give her a makeover. Later Bhavna take her kid to another NGO where the special kids make paint shoes to get donations.

She wants to put up a stall with shoes from this NGO to get money for the Thalassemia patients as well. Bhavna’s daughter also enjoys meeting and mingling with the kids. Will the charity flea market for Thalassemia patients be successful? Stay tuned to find out.

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