Ex Ya Next Quiz: Are You Hung Up On Your Ex Or Ready To Move On This Lockdown?

Are you still in love with your ex or have you moved on? Wondering to find out the real status of your 'relational' well-being! Details inside.

Never Kiss Your Best Friend on ZEE5

What is the craziest thing you’ve done in this lockdown? No, we won’t consider cooking or making funny videos as a crazy option. Texting an ex maybe? No? So you think you’ve moved on and are ready for a new experience, is it? We’ll then you won’t mind taking this little quiz, just to be sure as to which ‘Kal’ you’re busy with, this lockdown.

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Whether you’re talking to your ex, happily spending time with your current partner, or not sure which category fall into which into, take this fun quiz, answer mentally and find your answers. No cheating!

So here goes the “Not Yet Have I…” quiz:

Felt A FOMO Yet

Have you felt fear of missing out on people who meant the world to you? We are talking about every person who meant or means the world to you. Working from home during this lockdown has kept you busy, but what about the nights and weekends where you have no office to keep you busy? With partying or meeting friends out of the options, connecting with special people virtually is an ideal way out. The question is, ‘who’ is that special person you pick to connect with?

Never Kiss Your Best Friend Lockdown Special on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Had A To Text Or Not To Text Moment

Has this lockdown taken you to that edge where you typed a message and backspaced it? Or have you been sending messages freely and having interesting conversations with cute emojis and blush on your face? Whichever option you agree to, you know which way you’re headed!

Indulged In A Miss Me, Miss me Not Situation

Gone are the days when we pluck flower petals chanting ‘miss me, miss me not’, to assure ourselves that our lover misses us. Well, the reality is that gone are the days when we plucked the petals, but we still do the chanting secretly. It’s not old fashioned to seek validation of being missed by our partners. What’s important here is, which partner you want it from, the ex ya next?

Anya Singh as Tanie Brar from NKYBF
Anya Singh as Tanie Brar from NKYBF

Been Thinking About Aaj, Kal Ya Aaj

Whether you’re stuck on an ex, trying to move on, in love with your current partner or happily single, this lockdown has definitely got you thinking about your relationship status and scenario. The question is whether you feel happier with the past ‘kal’, the present or hope for a happier ‘kal’. Hope you’ve kept your points in mind because we’re nearing the end of the quiz.

Had A Drowning Moment

What’s your mood when you’re all alone, drowning with your own thoughts? Do you distract yourself with binge-watch sessions, cry/sob your thoughts out or rant about your troubling thoughts to a reliable person? In this case, your final destination is the person the thought of whom doesn’t make you sad in any manner, whether it’s your ex or your next.

If you’ve taken this quiz with full honesty, you have already found your answer. With the lockdown already driving us crazy, we say that you should take the turn towards the person who makes you happy, whether it’s a U-turn or a straight drive.

If you’re still unsure, we know two people who are going through a similar situation and may be able to clear up your thoughts. To meet them, watch ‘Never Kiss Your Best Friend‘ only on ZEE5.

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