Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega–Ghar Se 1 July 2020 Written Update: Guddan-AJ Argue

AJ and Guddan get into arguments over things like who loves each other more and who has better relations with each other's family.


In the latest episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega-Ghar Se, Guddan struggles to wear a tie and AJ helps her to wear it properly. Later, Guddan helps AJ while he repairs the speaker and the duo appreciate each other for their support. Guddan starts rehearsing for her upcoming project and tells AJ that her work will soon resume. AJ tells Guddan to polish her acting skills and tells her that they should enact the parts of a couple on a first date. Guddan and AJ describe their kind of partner and remember their past moments.

In tonight’s episode, AJ exercises when Guddan video calls him. Guddan expresses that she does not get time for exercises and AJ pulls her leg. The two get into an argument as AJ gets angry at Guddan for her unhealthy diet. He remembers that he always had time for exercising. While Guddan argues saying that she gets into household chores which is a type of work out also. Guddan remembers the time she used to dance and burn her calories. Guddan keeps the phone in anger as she gets upset with AJ.

Guddan challenges AJ that she can do any workout and tells him to give her various tasks. AJ challenges and tells her to do various exercises. Guddan is unable to keep up with AJ and gets tired. AJ and Guddan once again start arguing. Both let each other know how they solved their problem. Guddan and AJ argue about who has better relations with each other’s family. After arguing for hours, AJ announces that Guddan is better, while she says that he is the best son-in-law. The two later argue who loves each other more. Who do you think it is, Guddan or AJ?

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