Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Is Alisha Really AJ-Antara’s Daughter? Here’s What We Think

Alsiha claims to be Antara's kid and gives proof too, but AJ is yet to accept her as his daughter. Here's why we think Alisha is a Jindal. Or Not?

1, Alisha Loves To Dance Too

In the latest episodes of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, AJ is given a huge surprise when he finds out that he had a daughter with Antara. Alisha claims that AJ abandoned her before she was born itself. Alisha even gives proof that she is AJ’s daughter, but people are still doubtful. Here’s a few small things which prove Alisha, played by Palakn Jain, is not just Antara’s daughter but a complete Jindal.

One characteristic of Jindal’s is they love to settle problems with well choreographed dance performances. Guddan had a dance-off with Durga. She even had a dance-off versus Alisha’s mom Antara. When it was Alisha’s turn to make an entrance in the Jindal Bhavan, she again chose the form of dance.

Watch her in the latest episode here.

Alisha Is Possessive About Food

Alisha’s first scene on the show sees her beating up the guards at her prison for a roti. If the Jindal’s are serious about anything it is food. Alisha seems to be really into food much like AJ himself who is the owner of Indore’s finest restaurant. If nothing else, we think AJ and Alisha can soon bond over their love for food.

3. Alisha Refuses To Join Anyone Else

Much like Antara, Alisha also has common enemy in Guddan. However, Guddan has other enemies in the house like her own bahu Saraswati and her sister Revathi. They both try to join hands with Alisha and make Guddan’s life hell but Alisha refuses to be with them. Earlier, Durga and Saraswati tried to joing Antara against Guddan but she refused to join them as a team either.

4. Alisha And Antara's Complicated Bond With Guddan

Antara wanted to kill Guddan but she also respected Guddan as her enemy. She said multiple times that Guddan is the most brave and smart woman she has faced in her life. Alisha too wants to hate Guddan and kill her. However, when she sees how young Guddan is she feels sorry for how much Guddan had to go through. However, she refuses to forgive Guddan for separating her parents AJ and Antara.

As we cross 300 episodes, Guddan begins her new journey of trying to become a mother to Alisha. Will she succeed in her effort? Watch your favourite show Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega on ZEE5 to find out.