Guddu Episode 23 Review: Has Guddu Replaced Inspector Rocky?

Guddu and his friends defend precious diamonds at the museum. But how did they land in that position? Where is Inspector Rocky? Read on to find out!

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In the latest episode of Guddu, we will see the lion turning into an inspector! At the beginning of the episode, Guddu tries to help Inspector Rocky and chases a thief. Inspector Rocky tells him that the thief is their agent and they had been just practicing the chase, but he also asks Guddu to accompany him to Mayor Bear’s office. Mayor Bear asks Guddu to be the Inspector-in-charge in place of Inspector Rocky, who has been asked to visit another city for a special mission.

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When Guddu and his friends don the costumes of police officers, everyone starts saluting them. Chugli gets excited about being the in charge, but Guddu reprimands him and tells him that they must all be very careful and take this responsibility with added seriousness. Guddu asks his friends to patrol the surrounding areas of Falana city. But there is someone who is watching them and the goons are teaming up for a major robbery.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Mayor Bear calls Guddu and his friends about a case of robbery at the museum. Guddu runs swiftly and reaches the museum. The thieves get scared and hide. They whisper about how they were waiting for Inspector Rocky to go away, and now that the perfect opportunity was here, they would not let it slip by. A goon disguises himself as the sweeper, but Guddu is not to be fooled. He thrashes all the goons and saves the diamonds from getting stolen. Mayor Bear appreciates his presence of mind and asks him to serve again when Inspector Rocky is handling other obligations!

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