Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Karan Finds Tipsy Unconscious

In the recent episode, Karan buys a house for Tipsy's mom. He then finds Tipsy locked and unconscious inside a car!

In the previous episode, Karan plans a big surprise party for Tipsy’s mother. Tipsy misunderstands him, thinking he is handing her charity. Tipsy yells at Karan and walks away. The next day, Karan takes Tipsy and her mother out. Tipsy scolds Karan in front of her mother. Tipsy’s mother asks her to apologise to him.

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In episode 10, Karan invites Tipsy’s mother to attend the sangeet function at his daughter’s wedding. She accepts the invitation.

Trisha gets nervous about her wedding but Radhika calms her down. Meanwhile, Rohan comes to see Trisha and Radhika leaves to get ready. Karan sees Rohan and Trisha coming out together. He glares at Rohan.

Tipsy walks into the function. Karan is awestruck when he sees Tipsy in a saree. Tipsy gets a call from a property dealer and goes out to attend it as it is noisy inside. She gets to know from the dealer that Karan has booked a flat in her name and paid the down payment too.

She goes inside and asks Karan to come out with her because she wants to talk about something. She asks him about the flat. He says it is for her mother, and not for her. He says that he needs her.

Later, Romila comes and asks for help from Tipsy saying her mother-in-law is sick. Tipsy goes along with her. Romila locks Tipsy in the car and blocks the car’s exhaust. Tipsy faints in the car. Karan is looking for Tipsy everywhere. He asks Romila but Romila’s mother-in-law says that Romila took Tipsy to the car a while ago. Karan runs towards the car after sensing a problem. He finds her unconscious. He breaks the window and asks people to get an ambulance. He takes her to the hospital after the ambulance comes.

Will Karan spare Romila for doing this?


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