Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat Season 2 Episode 6-7 Review: Tipsy Breaks Up With Karan!

In today's episodes, Karan and Tipsy have an ugly fight. Unable to get over her past or admit to her feelings, Tipsy breaks up with Karan! Read more.

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat S2 E6-7

In the previous episode, Karan goes to the settlement meeting of Radhika and Prabuddha’s seized house. Karan learns that Palash is the lawyer against Radhika. He feels betrayed when Palash insults Radhika. Later, Tipsy and Karan meet to discuss a plan in order to convince Amma and Chetti about Vishal and Sherry’s marriage. But Radhika shows up at the cafe and Tipsy realises that Karan is still living with his ex-wife. The situation turns out awkward!

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In today’s episodes, when Tipsy and Anandan are at a restaurant, Karan arrives there to confront Tipsy because she is not answering her calls. In an argument, Tipsy doesn’t listen to anything that Karan says. So, Karan decides that he is done running after Tipsy and she will have to go to his house if she wants to meet him. After Tipsy reaches home, she realises her rudeness towards Karan and finds an excuse about writing his evaluation report to meet him.

Tipsy reaches Karan’s house and sees the friendship between him and Radhika. They banter at the dining table which makes Tipsy uncomfortable. She gets up to leave but Trisha reminds her of the work that she had come for. Karan and Tipsy sit across each other for evaluation and Karan asks Tipsy to stop pretending. But when Karan tries to make Tipsy realise that she still loves him, Tipsy says that she cannot have a relationship because she is scared of her bad past!

With tears in her eyes, Tipsy tells Karan that they should part ways and breaks up with her. She goes home and weeps in Sherry’s arms. The next morning, Karan and Vishal arrive at Tipsy’s place, convincing Amma that they are going to live there as Karan doesn’t have a house. Then, Chetti calls a man and his family to meet Sherry for marriage. Chetti doesn’t know that Vishal and Sherry are married already, but she thinks that Vishal is the perfect match for Tipsy!

Anandan shows up at Tipsy’s place. To bail herself out of the awkward situation, Sherry says that Tipsy loves Anandan. Karan gets extremely jealous and tries to tell them about Tipsy and his relationship. Then, all of them are invited to Trisha’s birthday party. Tipsy sees and Radhika and Karan and feels uneasy again. Karan takes Tipsy inside a photo booth to talk her out of breaking up with him. Later, Palash and his father plot against Karan so that Radhika and Trisha don’t acquire Prabuddha’s property!

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