Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Vani Threatens Ananya!

Vani finds out about the divorce and threatens Ananya! Poonam asks Rohit to reconsider the divorce and offers to overlook his relationship with Ananya

In the previous episode, Rohit goes to Ananya’s friend to ask about her whereabouts, but they refuse to tell him. Rohit checks Ananya’s laptop and finds her location. On the other side, Vani agrees to marry Arya so that she can leave the house. Rohit meets Ananya at the ashram. She asks him to go back to his family and leave her alone. Rohit calls Poonam to ask for a divorce.

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In episode 6, Ananya asks Rohit to re-think his decision of getting a divorce. But Rohit says he wants her and not Poonam. Rohit’s mother asks Poonam the reason for her sadness when Rohit is coming back home. Poonam says he is coming back home to convince Vani and to get a divorce from her. Poonam breaks down in front of her mother-in-law and pleads for help. Rohit drops Ananya home. He also accepts that he wants her and he loves her in front of her friends and his friend.

Vani happens to overhear about the divorce issue between her parents. Vani goes to Anaya’s house. She insults Ananya and asks her to get out of her father’s life. Ananya says they both love each other. Vani gets irritated with Ananya’s story. Everyone starts to question Rohit when he comes home. Poonam says she wants to talk to Rohit in private. On the other side, Vani gets drunk at Ananya’s home. Ananya comes to drop Vani home. Poonam asks Rohit to not get a divorce. In return, she will overlook his relationship with Ananya.

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