Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Poonam Agrees To A Conditional Divorce!

In today's episode, Vani disowns Rohit as her father after he moves in with Ananya. Poonam agrees to divorce Rohit, but has a condition for him!

In the previous episode, Vani overhears a conversation about her parents’ divorce. She goes to Ananya’s house and insults her. She warns her to get out of her father’s life. Ananya tries to placate her. Vani finds out a lot of things about her father that she did not know before and ends up getting drunk. Ananya comes to drop her home. At home, everyone starts to question Rohit, but Poonam expresses her wish to talk to Rohit alone. Poonam asks Rohit not to think about divorce as she will overlook his affair with Ananya.

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In today’s episode, Vani comes home drunk. Rohit finds out that she is drunk and tries to handle her. But Vani breaks down. She misbehaves with her father. She tells her mother that she met Ananya. She also said that her father is going to leave her. Nikki breaks down due to this chaos. Poonam tells Rohit that she is fine with his affair and she doesn’t want a divorce. Rohit says he cannot be live like this anymore. He has to divorce her because he feels guilty. Rohit packs a few belongings and leaves for Ananya’s. 

Rohit moves in with Ananya. Ananya calls her friend to tell her this and also to inform her that she will not be coming to the office that day. 

Arya and his parents come to Vani’s house to decide on a date for the wedding. Rohit comes home to meet Arya’s parents. Rohit tells Poonam that he doesn’t want Vani to get married now since she is getting married to take revenge, not for her happiness. Rohit tries to convince Vani of this. Vani says that he has no right to comment on her choices anymore. 

Poonam agrees for the divorce with a condition. The condition is that Ananya should be present in the courtroom when their divorce is finalised.

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