Kumkum Bhagya 16 July 2020 Preview: Dushyant finds Maya’s Body, Will Ranbir Be in Trouble

The tables have turned as Ranbeer couldn't wait to punish Maya for her betrayal. Dushyant comes in to save her but is too late. Is it the end of Maya?

A still of Pragya

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum BhagyaPragya had come up with the plan to save Ranbir from Dushyant Singh Chaubey’s tactic by taking Maya’s help and proving his innocence. However, Ranbir is unable to control his anger and attacks Maya. Dushyant Singh hears the pleas of Maya and comes to their house and checks her whereabouts. While the whole family denies Maya’s presence in the house, Dushyant and Maya’s mother find Maya’s body in the study room. 

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In the next episode, the mother cries for her daughter and the bade papa Dushyant looks around in anger for Ranbir. Dushyant Singh vows to avenge the death of his beloved niece by making sure Ranbir and Prachi’s family bear the brunt. Let’s see if Dushyant is able to come through with his vows of revenge, or if Pragya is able to apprehend him for falsely accusing Ranbir of Maya’s death.

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