Kumkum Bhagya 6 September 2019 Preview: Abhi Takes Prachi To Look For Ganpati Idols

In the next episode Kumkum Bhagya, Abhi asks Prachi to go and pick Ganpati idols which surprises Rhea.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Prachi

In tonight’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea asks Ranbir to be nice to Prachi and woo her. When Ranbir sees Prachi in office they end up fighting again. Ranbir asks Abhi to help him woo women. Before Abhi can reply he gets pulled into another meeting. Rhea says she behaves badly and tells Mira that she wants to apologise to Abhi for insulting her mother earlier. Aliya sees Rhea apologising to Abhi about Pragya. She gets upset and asks Mira to not fill good things about Pragya in Rhea’s mind.

Catch a preview of the next episode here.

In the next episode, Abhi tells Prachi to go along with her to pick the Ganpati idol. Rhea is surprised with Abhi asking him to go with them. A gang is planning to get a consignment of gold to Delhi. When Prachi gets out of the car she opens the door without looking. Two people on a bike are about to hit the open door but stop. They try to pick a fight with Prachi but Rhea sees this and stops them. Will Rhea save Prachi? Stay tuned to find out.

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