Kumkum Bhagya: What If Prachi And Rhea Had Grown Up Together?

What if Abhi had Prachi and Rhea or Pragya had them both, what if they had grown up together as a happy family?

Rhea and Prachi in white dress

Kumkum Bhagya, the show that has been running successfully since the last six years, witnessed a major twist recently when Abhishek and Pragya’s twin daughters who were separated at birth, had a face-off! Prachi and Rhea, born during the time Pragya and Abhishek had reconciled, live their entire lives in two different houses. Abhishek and Pragya’s other daughter, Krisha is killed in an accident and this creates a rift between them. Pragya decides to part ways with Abhishek, and takes Prachi with her, while Abhishek brings up Rhea.

Watch an episode where Prachi and Rhea meet.

The two girls meet in college and immediately dislike each other. Rhea and Prachi are at constant loggerheads and problems  begin when they both fall for the same guy, Ranbir. Though Prachi shows disinterest, Rhea is head over heels in love with Ranbir. But he likes her twin sister. For the longest time, Rhea tries to murder Prachi until they realise they are sisters.

Still from Kumkum Bhagya with Prachi
Prachi reminds Pragya that Rhea purposely tried to kill her

Rhea’s violent and strange nature could be because she grew up surrounded by her step-mom and her wicked aunt Aliya. Meanwhile, Pragya instills all good values in her daughter Prachi. But what if the sisters had not been separated and had grown up together? If Pragya had taken both Rhea and Prachi, the girls would have grown up with each other, and Rhea would have probably been a better person. Meanwhile, if they had both been brought up by Abhishek, Prachi would have become exactly like Rhea and they both would have hated Pragya.

Abhi, Prachi and Rhea in a still from Kumkum Bhagya
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But in the third scenario, if Prachi and Rhea would have grown together with Pragya and Abhishek, dissolving their differences for the sake of their daughters, the girls would have grown to be close and would have shared a loving bond. The sisters would have been inseparable, and the best friends. Don’t you agree? We await the point in the show when Rhea starts loving her sister and their fight stops once and for all!

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