Kundali Bhagya 13 July 2020 Written Update: Prithvi Kidnaps Karan And Preeta Together

In tonight's mahaepisode, Prithvi kidnaps Karan and keeps him in the same room as Preeta who tricks him and escapes.

Still of Karan, Preeta and Prithvi from Kundali Bhagya Mahaepisode

In the lockdown ke kisse episodes of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta finds Rishabh getting kidnapped and decides to try and save him herself. Prithvi has kidnapped Rishabh to get revenge and get the entire Luthra family property from him. Sherlyn warns Prithvi to not do anything that will ruin Mahira’s wedding but he doesn’t listen. Mahira overhears Sammy talking to Srishti and thinks Preeta is coming to the Luthra house to stop her wedding. Karan sees a call from Srishti on Sammy’s phone and answers it. He finds out Rishabh is kidnapped and decides to go save him. Preeta gets caught trying to save Rishabh.

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In tonight’s episode, Mahira tries to find out where Karan is now. Sherlyn overhears Sammy talking to Srishti who says that Preeta is kidnapped trying to save Rishabh and now Karan has gone to save Rishabh too. Sherlyn realises that this is Prithvi’s plan and decides to help him before this goes out of hand. However, when Sherlyn calls up Prithvi she scolds him for not supporting his plan.

Rishabh and Preeta find out that they have both been kidnapped in different rooms. Karan gets angry at Preeta for putting herself in trouble without telling him first. He would have reached earlier and been able to save her and Rishabh both. Sammy is planning a way to join Srishti and save Karan, Rishabh and Preeta. Rakhi overhears him saying that Rishabh is kidnapped and tells the whole family. When Karan reaches the hotel, Prithvi sneaks up on him and knocks him unconscious

Still of Prithvi from Kundali Bhagya Mahaepisode
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Prithvi decides to keep Karan and Preeta in the same room because they are both unconscious. However, when they both wake up Karan says he wanted to save Preeta and then changes by saying he wants to save Rishabh. Karan is angry at Preeta for not calling him but Preeta is also upset because Karan was not answering his calls earlier.

Prithvi changes his voice and goes to Preeta’s room only to find her talking to Karan. Preeta notices a knife in Prithvi’s pocket. When she tries to take it from his pocket he calls her Preetaji which makes Karan and Preeta both suspicious. Sherlyn finds a way to sneak out of the house and meet Prithvi. Sammy and Srishti also reach the hotel to save them.

Guddan in Kundali Bhagya mahaepisode on ZEE5
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Guddan overhears Sherlyn and Prithvi discussing their plan. She sees Srishti and Sammy talking about people getting kidnapped and tells them everything she knows to help them. Sherlyn informs Prithvi that the whole Luthra family will come for Karan and Rishabh now. Sherlyn leaves the room to answer Mahira’s call and notices Srishti and Sammy in the hotel too.

Sherlyn decides to help Prithvi deal with all the people trying to stop him. But will Sherlyn and Prithvi succeed? Find out in the upcoming episodes.

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