Kundali Bhagya 8 October 2019 Preview: Preeta Is Impressed By Karan

In the next episode, Preeta finds out that Karan has knocked one of the terrorists unconscious and is impressed by him.

Still from Kundali Bhagya

In tonight’s episode of Kundali Bhagya, Kareena finds Sherlyn in the shopping mall and calls out to her. Sherlyn is arguing with Prithvi in a corner and is shocked. She tells Kareena that she felt bad about missing the shopping fun and decided to join them later. Prithvi explains himself to Sherlyn when she is in the changing room. Kareena follows them there too. Preeta gets caputred by the terrorists. Karan manages to knock out one of the terrorists, take his gun and call up the police as well.

Catch a preview of the next episode here.

In the next episode, Preeta hears one of the terrorists talking about Karan. She hears him say that Karan was too fast and strong. He didn’t even know when he came and knocked him unconscious. Preeta smiles hearing about how Karan beat up the terrorists. The leader of the gang asks him to to stop praising Karan and bring him with all the other hostages. Will the terrorists manage to catch Karan? Stay tuned to find out.

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