Kundali Bhagya 10 September 2019 Written Update: Preeta And Karan Take Saat Phere Again

In tonight's episode, Preeta and Karan take the saat phere together while Preeta thinks that she will never see the Luthra's again.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Preeta

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh leaves Preeta’s wedding promising to never see her again. Prithvi is getting ready to marry Preeta, but Karan walks in and makes Prithvi unconscious. He goes back in Prithvi’s place at the mandap. Kareena and Daadi are at home and they blame Rakhi for going to Preeta’s wedding and not loving her own family enough. Karan and Preeta put a garland around each other and start the wedding ceremony.

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In tonight’s episode, Kareena tells Rakhi she betrayed her own husband by blessing Prithvi and Preeta. Rakhi apologises for what she did without knowing the truth. She says she hates Preeta now. Daadi is upset that Prithvi is roaming freely and blames Preeta for it. Sherlyn overhears this and smiles because her plan worked perfectly.

Rishabh returns home and promises to put the real criminals like Prithvi in jail. He sees Sherlyn standing behind a pillar and asks her to stop hiding and hearing what’s going on. Rishabh goes back to his room where he apologises to comparing her to Preeta. He asks Sherlyn to demand her place in the house which makes Sherlyn happy.

Still from Kundali Bhagya with Sherlyn
Rishabh apologises for comparing Sherlyn to Preeta.

The pandit asks Sarla to tie the knot for Preeta and Karan. Sarla notices that Preeta is still upset but ties the knot for her. Srishti wishes that Sarla understood that Preeta loved Karan. Preeta is upset that all her relations with the Luthra’s have been cut off. The pandit asks them to start the saat phere.

While taking the saat phere Preeta thinks about Karan. She realises that Karan is longer her friend so her dreams of getting married to him are pointless. She decides to settle down with Prithvi. Karan believes that Preeta was meant to be his wife and he gets emotional. Will Karan drop his idea of taking revenge on Preeta? Stay tuned to find out.

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