Missing Kundali Bhagya? These Karan-Preeta TikTok Videos Will Take You Back In Time

Shraddha Arya and Dheeraj Dhoopar will be back on set soon post lockdown, till then watch these fun and cute TikTok videos they filmed during shoot

Kundali Bhagya’s Karan and Preeta are at loggerheads for now, but does that mean Karan would ignore his wife and marry Mahira? The show has halted just when the suspense was building up, due to COVID -19 pandemic. The storyline has kept us spellbound and gripped and it will continue to do so, post the extended lockdown.

Even though we know that the shoot will resume soon, we can’t help missing our favourite characters, Preeta, Karan, and Srishti! And as you already know from their comments and stories on their social media, they are missing each other terribly too. The actors had a lot of fun on the sets when they were shooting, making funny videos and pranking each other was on the top of their list. Here are a few cute and funny TikTok videos that the actors filmed when they were on sets. 

First, rewatch what happened in the last episode to refresh your memory!

Anjum Fakih and Shraddha Arya are the hotties on the show. The onscreen sisters make sure they grab eyeballs with their style and beauty. But just to prove this point, here is a video!

Shraddha is paired opposite Dheeraj Dhoopar, and the couple is known by the name of #PreeRan for Preeta and Karan. The couple brings out the best in each other. Their compatibility and chemistry is proved in this BTS video, in which they are dancing to the tunes of a popular Bollywood song!

Shraddha and Dheeraj have a solid connection when it comes to friendship as well! The actors keep pranking each other off the screen! Look at this funny BTS video.

The other onscreen couple, Anjum Fakih (Srishti) and Abhishek Kapur (Sameer) also share a very warm and friendly bond. Look at their cute and funny TikTok videos!

Anjum can be seen dancing as well as pranking Abhishek in these videos!

Anjum Fakih can be declared the TikTok queen as she makes sure she is in every video! Look at this one with Prithvi (Sherlyn’s previous boyfriend)

If you thought that the evil, and the good could never be seen appearing in a fun video together? Then you have a look at this one starring Sarla, Srishti, Sherlyn, Prithvi, and Sameer!

We bet you are missing all of your favourite shows and characters. We are sure we will get to see them back again soon!

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