Punar Vivah Shows Us How Second Marriages And Bonding With Your Step-Children Is Possible

Yash(Gurmeet Chaudhary) is a widower, Aarti( Kratika Sengar) a divorcee. What happens when the two get married on the insistence of their family?

A still of Punar Vivaah

Families are the most essential part of a person’s life, as they’re the ones who give us the strength and support we need to grow and live our life to the fullest. However, we have the liberty to choose our family as we grow when we marry. Some marriages don’t last for long and we’re left alone looking for the ones who will love and cherish us. As adults, it’s easier to adjust to new people and surroundings, but children might find it difficult to do the same. All these issues have been addressed in the show Punar Vivah, where Yash and Aarti get married to each other after the end of their first one.

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Yash is a widower, a family man with good values and a big family, including two daughters Payal and Palak. He lost his wife early in the marriage and has been looking after his kids with the help of his family. As his wife was his love, he’s still mourning her death but is reclusive about it with everyone. Aarti is a divorcee who had a disastrous marriage and is now living with her son Ansh and parents. She is an independent woman who can take care of her son alone but knows the importance of being a part of a good family.

Aarti and Yash get together only on the insistence of their family but continue to have a steady growth in their relationship with each other and their step kids. The complications they face after getting married has been shown very intricately addressing situations realistically. The children are confused and distant from their stepparents and even pull small pranks to have some fun, but understand the importance of the new relationship, in the end. Yash and Aarti also try their best to make the children comfortable in the new space and with the new members of their family, proving new beginnings are just as special and cherished as any other. Watch this show only on ZEE5 to gaze at the beautiful bonds of a family.

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