From Online Dating To Making Alcohol, Here’s What The Bhallas Are Upto Under Lockdown

In the new episodes of Bhalla Calling Bhalla, friends, neighbours and relatives all come to help the Bhallas, while also social distancing.

Bhalla Calling Bhalla New episodes on ZEE5

Bhalla Calling Bhalla is a unique show that has been created during the lockdown and talks specifically about the lockdown. In the first four episodes, we saw the Bhallas more or less sailing through the quarantine without too much trouble. While Sahil, the son sits in his car just to breathe some fresh air outdoors, Mr. Bhalla deals with constipation. In the next four episodes, the problems become real and the comedy is even more relatable.

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Mr. Bhalla is worried that his stock of alcohol is over. He calls up alcohol stores only to find out they are closed and not delivering to his house either. Gog tells Mr. Bhalla how to make wine at home instead of buying alcohol from outside. Taking Gogi’s suggestion, Mr, Bhalla makes wine at home not knowing it is incredibly unsafe. What follows is an 18-hour blackout full of crazy antics inside the house.

Bhalla records a long rant about his wife and forwards the video message to everyone, including his wife Mrs. Lovely Bhalla. When she sees the video she gets angry at both her husband and at Gogi for giving him the idea to make wine at home. Lovely herself uses the ‘light a candle for 9 minutes at 9 o clock’ activity to prove her superiority in the kitty group.

In another instance, Sahil Bhalla finds an audition clip of his for a bold scene posted online. He finds out that he has been tricked by the casting director but doesn’t know how to save the situation. Sahil’s girlfriend and his friends make fun of him being a pornstar but also help catch the person who leaked the video.

Lovely is proud of her daughter Lisa/Arundhati for feeding stray animals in Jaipur during the lockdown. However, one of Lovely’s friends asks is Lisa has any boyfriends. Lovely is worried that being so independent will mean Lisa won’t find anyone to marry. So she creates an online dating profile for her daughter to find the right guy for her.

We can’t wait to see what are to the results of this little experiment. What was the most absurd idea that you came up with under lockdown? Let us know in the comments below.

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