5 Times When Guddan From Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Fell Unconscious On The Show

Kanika Mann aka Guddan has mastered the art of fainting. Read on to know why.

From pranking AJ by pretending to faint to actually fainting, Guddan gets her fans worried!

Still from Guddan Tumse Na ho Payega with Guddan and Alisha
Still from Guddan Tumse Na ho Payega with Guddan and Alisha

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega features Kanika Mann and Nishant Singh Malkani in the lead roles and they are a couple that the audience love to watch! Since the last few days, the actors have been shooting from their homes and the audiences are able to watch a few lockdown special edition episodes. The good news is that fans of Guddan will soon be able to watch fresh new episodes of the show.

In the current episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan falls unconscious and AJ gets worried for her. Later, she reveals that she was pranking him and AJ scolds her. But while dancing, Guddan falls unconscious and later gets to know that she is pregnant. This is not the first time Guddan has fainted, there are many more times where she has fainted in the show.

1. Antara makes Guddan unconscious

In this episode, Guddan exposes Antara and threatens her by telling her that she has called the cops. Antara and Guddan get into a fight as the former tries to run. Guddan makes Antara sit on the chair and she starts tying her. But Antara makes Guddan unconscious by pricking her with injection as soon as she hears police siren.

2. Guddan gets to know that she is pregnant

In the lockdown special edition episode, AJ gives tasks to the bahus and the first task is to showcase their dance and while dancing Guddan falls unconscious. Later, Guddan tells AJ and their entire family that she is pregnant. AJ beams with joy and prepares a list of dos and don’t for her wife.

3. Guddan falls unconscious after snake bite

In this episode, Guddan comes to rescue AJ and saves him from getting bitten by a snake but the sad part is that  Guddan falls unconscious as a snake bites her while she is trying to save AJ’s life. AJ gains consciousness but Guddan’s life is in danger.

4. Guddan accidentally falls unconscious

Guddan gets into a fight with Antara and ends up spraying herself with the chloroform. Antara locks an unconscious Guddan in the room and goes to the mandap to marry AJ. In this episode, Antara makes Guddan unconscious as she needs to hurry for her wedding with AJ. Later, Dadi comes to Guddan’s rescue and makes her conscious. Both Dadi and Guddan decide to stop AJ and Antara’s wedding.

5. Guddan falls unconscious in the car

In this episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payegaa, Saraswati spreads false information about Guddan at the press conference. Guddan falls unconscious in her car. AJ brings her out of the car and revives her.

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