Watch The Cast Of Shukranu Try To Guess Different Sex Positions. How Many Can You Guess?

In this fun clip, Divyenndu, Sheetal Thakur and Shweta Basu Prasad try and guess different sex positions. Watch how many they get right.

Shukranu Guess The Sex Position

Divyenndu, Sheetal Thakur and Shweta Basu Prasad formed a unique love triangle in Shukranu, the latest ZEE5 Original film. This film focused on the subject of forced sterilizations which affected millions during the Emergency Era of 1975-77. This film dispels myths about sterilization using humour and highlights how a person can have a healthy sex life even after being sterilized.

In this game, the cast of Shukranu tries to identify different sex positions. Before they begin guessing Divyenndu says wasn’t aware that some of these positions shown in the placards had names. Shweta Basu Prasad mentions that there are no sex positions showing two boys or two girls in the placards.

Watch the cast of Shukranu playing the game here.

The first one is fairly simple that everyone guesses easily, Spooning. As the game progresses the difficulty level increases with Sheetal Thakur finding a position that she thinks is interesting and doesn’t know the name. Shweta Basu Prasad begins naming a lot of positions as pink (girl) on blue (boy), or blue on pink.

Divyenndu manages to guess all positions correct including ‘The Lotus’ and ‘Reverse Cowgirl’, which he first calls ‘The View’ as a joke. If you tried to guess these positions let us know how many your got right in the comments below. Feel free to use some of these positions to spice up your sex life.

Watch the trailer of Shukranu and catch the entire movie streaming on ZEE5.